Sunday, June 2, 2013

Note about writing style

As I said in another post:
In general, I don't really want to edit myself. I prefer to be able to use punctuation and words as they happen and just leave them as is. So, don't correct or comment on grammar, spelling, etc because I know it is mostly wrong and I'm already self-conscious about it but I want to be able to just write without stress (for once). I'm not wasting precious spoons on that. If however something is unclear because of how it is written, feel free to ask for clarification! Just don't tell me that I used a semicolon wrong or used affect instead of effect please.

Sometimes my writing style is strange or awkward or super run-ony and yes, I make up words. I just type exactly as I speak and just like in a conversation you can ask for clarification if you don't understand. I have a lot of anxiety and stress around writing and it is a big issue for me. I take forever to write 2 page response papers for school and panic about them. This blog is about me letting my thoughts out. 'Talking' them out helps me process and reflect. Obsessing over how I write just becomes time consuming, spoon draining, and unpleasant. 

So, if you comment on writing style problems, grammar, spelling etc for any reason other than to get clarification because you honestly are having trouble following/understanding, I will just refer you back here so please don't.  

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