Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why I want to do what I want to do

[trigger warnings for all of the mentioned articles about ableism, abuse, neglect, and general lack of respect for the lives of people with disabilities]

Most people do not understand why I would want to focus on people with disabilities in a medical practice. 

The LGBTQ part some people understand or just realize they totally don't understand and let it go. However, most people assume that the medical realm, doctor's offices, hospitals, etc is THE place that caters to people with disabilities. So why on earth would you need a special place?!

Well, Doctors Turning Away Patients With Disabilities - Disability Scoop Just because a place is medical in nature, does not make it accessible. 

Of course there are also many many articles about this case "Woman claims hospital restrained autistic son, left him to suffer" [Trigger warnings for: medical neglect, abuse, graphic images, and restraints]. 

And of course not being allowed organs: Disability Bias Clouding Organ Transplants, Report Finds

I could of course go on and on and on for hours. I don't want to though. I can't. It is too upsetting. It is simply unacceptable. 

I should not have to do anything special to be a medical provider for people with disabilities. It should be the norm. But it isn't. It makes me furious. However, being furious doesn't do anything if it doesn't lead to anything. So, here I am. Overworking myself with prerequisites so that I can start nursing school in a few months. Hopefully, one day I can try to make a difference for at least some people. I would like to not have to. But, until then. I will just be furious and try to make something worthwhile out of it. 

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