Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hello whoever is reading this,

I wanted to welcome you to my blog. I should be doing homework right now but I have to take a break to reduce the massive level of anxiety I'm feeling.

I started this blog because I realized there is a lot of pontificating and venting I will need to be doing (even more than usual) once I start graduate school. I was accepted to a joint program to get certified as an NP and get an MPH. That means, I will be doing an accelerated program to do a Bachelors of Science in nursing (for people with a BA in another field) which takes about a year and then the same program I would be continuing to get my Masters in nursing. Then during this there is time set aside for me to get a masters of public health as well (all in the same university). It is about 3.5 years for all of it if I just do those programs. If I continue and get a DNP (doctorate of nursing practice, the clinical doctorate degree for nurses) that would add another 2 years.

I'm a feminist, vegetarian, queer, pansexual, cisgendered, Jewish, white, Autistic, physically disabled (yet not visibly so), geeky female. I hate ableism, racism, transphobia, sexism, and all that other stuff. I however also really love biomedical sciences and public health. Being part of the medical industrial complex while still using phrases like the medical industrial complex is really difficult and requires a certain amount of cognitive dissonance. Additionally, being white, passable as straight, passable as able-bodied, and cisgendered means that there is a lot of privilege I have in that institution which I'm really uncomfortable with given the communities I want to work with and care about. I want to work with the LGBTQ communities and disabled communities primarily. I essentially want to work with those people who are told that they are too abnormal for doctors to understand how to treat them and that it isn't worth their time to try. I want to take that time.

Already, reading the list of competency requirements I'm curling up inside myself to compartmentalize and find a way to deal with who I am and who I must be in order to succeed in graduate school.

So, to anybody reading this...I hope your night is less stressful than mine and I will speak to you again soon.


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